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About the Founders ///


Carrie Drew has two decades of experience as a Creative Director and continues to be inspired daily by her business partner/husband, Brad as well as her interns, colleagues, customers and clients. Together, Carrie and Brad team up with 3-5 companies per year within the Action Sports, Fashion, Health & Wellness, Interiors and Tech sectors to collaboratively design, build brand architecture, enhance user experiences, develop campaigns, solve big problems, and help companies design their categories. 

Carrie began her career in production and product development at industry leaders Quiksilver and Volcom, giving her a strong foundation in product design, printing techniques and apparel construction. Later, she travelled the world while working as a full-time Artist and Art Director with brands such as O’Neill, Fox Racing, PacSun, and Urban Decay Cosmetics. 

Carrie was lucky to work as the Global Art Director in-house and on a freelance basis for Rip Curl, Inc. for 10 years. She has produced thousands of textile prints and graphics which have appeared on swimwear, board shorts, tees, fleece, accessories, apparel, luggage, and wetsuits. Her work is featured on the award-winning #MyBikini Campaigns. She designed for women's, men's, and kids ranges within the U.S.A., Australia, Europe, Asia, and South America. Her design process includes discovery session meetings, concept/mood board presentations, logo + branding packages, apparel + product silhouette design, print and textile creation, tech packs, factory development, prototype and strike-off approval, photo shoots, catalog design, web design, and social media marketing.


The Drew Creative team delivers impactful websites - including e-commerce storefronts - that generate leads and increase sales for their customers. They are Google-affiliated and can develop back-end data analytics, increase SEO, SEM and build out CRM in order to build growth and generate engagement month after month. 

"I really enjoy working both on and off the computer while inventing new ways to tell stories through the prism of art and design. When I'm not creating in the studio or on a Zoom call - I'm working in the garden, snuggling with Smokey and Bandit, cooking colorful recipes, fostering babies for Orange County Social Services and planning our next trip. I love the freedom that owning our own business has given us and I want to help our customers and clients thrive."

- Carrie Drew

949 . 500 . 2077

We are problem solvers and storytellers.

We help businesses and individuals create high-quality content such as videos, animations, graphic designs, illustrations, and photography. We provide expertise in conceptualizing, planning, and executing creative projects that effectively tell a story.

Branding and Identity: We assist businesses in developing their brand identity by creating visual elements such as logos, color schemes, typography, and overall design aesthetics. We help establish a consistent and appealing brand presence that resonates with the intended target audience.


Category Design, Marketing and Advertising: We help build categories and develop advertising campaigns by presenting innovative ideas, designing compelling visuals, and writing engaging content to capture attention and promote products and services effectively. 

Collaboration and Expertise: We collaborate with a diverse team of creative professionals, including designers, artists, writers, developers, and strategists to tackle creative challenges and deliver comprehensive solutions.

We provide a range of services and expertise to help businesses and individuals effectively communicate their messages, build compelling brands, and create visually stunning and engaging experiences.


We are different. 

The Drews: Homepage_about

Brad Drew has over a decade of experience within the Film, TV and Media realm and owned his own Production company for nearly 15 years. Brad began his career working at Surfer Magazine and the Los Angeles Times where he traveled the world as a Freelance Writer before moving on to an Editorial Director role at a groundbreaking Desktop Publishing Company.


Brad led the Marketing Departments at Ambiguous Clothing and Rusty Apparel before branching into TV Production. Working as a Sports Emmy-nominated Writer and Producer, Brad’s produced programming for Fox Sports, NBC Sports, FUEL TV, Red Bull Media House, Monster Energy, and many others. He worked as a Web-nominated senior producer for both Network A and Nitro Circus and was writing and producing content for pro surfing's World Surf League before taking a leap and joining creative forces with his wife, Carrie in 2017. 

Brad is a true story-teller who loves producing and directing commercial video and film productions and he offers a complete, turn-key solution. Starting with the initial meeting, he will ask all of the right questions and start putting together concepts and storyboards. He thrives in pre-production, script writing, field production and post-production. His team finishes strong with color and sound design and he will deliver a project that is Netflix-worthy. 


"With an impressive contact base consisting of top creative talent, The Drew Creative team has what it takes to tackle a project of any scope. From initial concept to category completion, we find ways to tap into your full potential and ultimately grow your company beyond what you imagined." 

-Brad Drew

949 . 280 . 8864


Bandit is a lazy English Bull Terrier and is the Official Team Mascot. He flies First Class and attends our lifestyle photo shoots. "I like to whine and hop and make funny sounds in the back of Zoom calls until Carrie and Brad feed me treats."  


Smokey is an energetic Pomsky with an optimistic goal of being promoted to Alpha one day. "Weighing in 30 pounds less than Bandit, I hold the responsibility of going under couches and chairs to get our missing balls and toys (which make me a valuable team player.)"

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