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Playing Bigger // The Water Anthology

Last year were hired by San Francisco-based Category Design firm Play Bigger to partner with them on creative and post production on a short film series project they dubbed Playing Bigger // The Water Anthology. The result was four dynamic episodes profiling three surfers and a free diver. The Anthology is all about Category Design and the personalities who design and define their category.


Kai Lenny, a world-class, modern waterman designed the foil-riding category and is changing the way people move over the waves. Bianca Valenti is a female big wave surfer who spearheaded the fight for equal pay for women in surfing and is changing who has the right to waves. Kelly Slater, the 11x World Champion surfer developed a whole new category called Wave Building and is changing how waves are created at his Surf Ranch in central California. Hanli Prinsloo, a champion free diver is changing the way we move under the waves by leading the charge for clean ocean advocacy.


We collaborated, created and managed everything from the logo package, the video graphics package, the movie poster, the visual art direction to the direction, production, scripting, editing, voice over, music score and much of the footage beyond what was previously shot at the Surf Ranch. Together, we produced four full-length episodes (nearly 15 minutes each in length), as well as cut-down versions, all social media edits and teasers.


PLAYING BIGGER // The Water Anthology recently premiered at a sold out event in San Francisco at the 4th Annual Category Executive Summit. Several noteworthy speakers presented TED-style talks, and both Bianca Valenti and Kai Lenny appeared live before a stoked audience. We are excited to be a part of this project, we learned a ton about Category Design and are currently working with them on plans for 2020.